Sunday, April 3, 2011

Custom Deep Drawn Enclosures for Electronics and Electrical

What to look for in a company to design and manufacture 
deep drawn enclosures for electronics & electrical enclosure boxes?

    When looking for a company to engineer your design or manufacture your design of custom metal enclosures for electronics or electrical enclosures for your prototype project, there are a number of qualities that should be considered. Make sure that the company produces custom metal enclosures for electronics or electrical enclosures for a variety of industries and diverse applications such as aerospace, industrial, automotive, medical, military, agricultural, commercial and consumers; since each industry requires different specifications. Select a company that has the ability meet your custom metal project enclosures special requirements from the first prototype to the final stage of the custom metal enclosure design.

    There are a number of value added services that can be provided by a company that manufactures or provides custom metal enclosures for electronics or custom electrical enclosures. These value added services can include custom enclosure machining by CNC, punch or bending dies, sanding, etching, painting, powder coating, electro & electro-less plating & MIL-Spec coatings, welding, installation of  gaskets or sealants,  inserting PEM studs, nuts, bolts, nut plates, rivets and other accessories for custom metal enclosures for electronics and electrical enclosure boxes, final custom metal enclosure assembly, and the final packaging of custom enclosure boxes.

    Companies that specializes in custom deep drawn metal enclosures can guide you through the process of prototyping from start to finish by helping you engineer the metal enclosure design and selecting the right type and thickness of materials that can be used for the type of industrial environment the custom metal enclosure will be used.  The most common deep drawn metals used for industrial metal enclosure applications are aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, titanium. Other deep drawn metals are usually available upon request for specialized industries requiring very specific properties or for uses in specific environments.

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      Types of Custom Deep Drawn Metal Enclosures
  • Custom Aluminum Steel Electronics Enclosures
  • Custom Copper Brass Electrical Enclosures
  • Metal Enclosures for Electronics
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Electronics External Enclosures
  • Industrial Enclosures
  • Prototype Project Enclosure Boxes
  • Outdoor Electrical Enclosures
  • Sheet Metal Electronics Enclosures
  • Weatherproof  Metal Enclosures
  • Watertight Metal Enclosures
  • Custom Metal Electrical Electronic Instrument Boxes
  • Electronic Equipment Enclosure Boxes
  • And millions of other uses for sheet metal boxes.